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Experience isn't exactly something that is quantifiable but this will have to do for now.


A few things I'm good at.

Adobe Creative

Social Media





Marzetti Ientile

Co-Founder/ Chief Strategist

With my business partner we founded Marzetti Ientile, a creative consultancy for small businesses to help navigate them in the world of marketing, advertising and social media.

Mclaren Toronto

Content Creator/Marketing Intern

At Mclaren Toronto during my marketing internship I was responsible for managing the social media accounts of Mclaren, Pagani, Pfaff Tuning, Pfaff Reserve, and Pfaff Reserve +. I also created and grew the Pfaff Reserve Tik Tok Page. I was taught to use Meta Business Suite and in charge of a large portion of content creation and the event planning process.

Mclaren Toronto

Sales Assistant

At Mclaren Toronto I was Trusted with the handing, moving, driving and cleaning of ultra high-end exotic and luxury vehicles and gained an extensive knowledge of the clientele and the vehicles and the market for them.

Pfaff Audi

Rental Fleet Manager

I was given the position of Rental manager at Pfaff Audi. I Was responsible in managing a fleet of 80+ cars and coordination of staff and clients.


Creative Advertising

Seneca College 

At Seneca, I was apart of the CAB (creative advertising and Business) program gaining an extensive knowledge from Ad industry professionals and the completion of  IMC and 360º campaigns. 

Media  Studies

Guelph Humber University

At Guelph Humber in the media studies program I gained knowledge of colour theory, adobe Suite programs, and media analysis.

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